They traveled more than 5,700 miles to run just over 26.

But for Januarius Bongkiyung, 35, Immaculate Wirngo, 23, Eric Mangeh Mbacah, 24, and Justilin Foimi, 23, crossing the finish line at the 112th Boston Marathon on Monday will be more than just an athletic feat—they will be the first runners from Kumbo, Cameroon, to compete in the famed race.

“Our dream was to at least take part in an international competition,” Ms. Wirngo said.

On Tuesday, the runners arrived in Honesdale at the Himalayan Institute, which offered to host them and their supporters—team doctor Oyono Amougou, coach Jean Claude Kammogne, and Roland Mbenkum, executive president of Milano Kumbo Sports Academy and president of the High Court of Kumbo.