Jakiri is a small town about 45 minutes away from Kumbo. Jakiri does not have a hospital of its own, so the town’s people must travel to Kumbo for treatment. Because the taxi ride to Kumbo is expensive, people often do not seek healthcare until it is an emergency. The Himalayan Institute is hoping to change this trend.

On Saturday, the new Himalayan Institute Jakiri Total Health Center opened its doors. The center was greeted with a flood of community support and excitement. On the very first day Total Health consultants Isabella and Anita saw 110 new patients. Many more people also came in to see the new center and browse the shelves of books, health products, and Humanitarian trAID merchandise.

The Jakiri Total Health Center offers a wide range of new medicinal options for the people of Jakiri and stresses the importance of preventative care. The Total Health consultants have been trained to prescribe homeopathic remedies and herbal supplements to treat a wide range of ailments. By employing heath consultants and offering inexpensive healthcare, the Total Health Center model is able to provide a sustainable solution to the healthcare problem.

Some new products had their debut at the grand opening. The Himalayan Institute Energy Farming program unveiled its new Brahmi Tea, which was grown, harvested and processed at the Himalayan Institute Center in Kumbo. Bramhi is an ayurvedic herb that is used for mental clarity, reducing stress, and improving memory. In addition, the Himalayan Institute’s New Vision program revealed its affordable reading glasses for the first time. Reading glasses are often unavailable or too expensive for most people, so New Vision gives many a chance to reclaim their ability to read.

A tailor was tested for a set of New Vision glasses. He said, “As I am getting older it is more difficult to see my work, but these glasses will take care of that!”

The success of new Total Health Centers, like the one in Jakiri, will enable the Himalayan Institute to continue to expand its reach, bringing affordable healthcare around the world.


As the day went on a crowd formed. People piled into the store while others waited outside under the tent.

As the day went on a crowd formed. People piled into the store while others waited outside under the tent.