Together, Himalayan Institute Cameroon’s School of Energy Farming and Total Health Center are bringing the healing benefits of medicinal herbs to the people of Kumbo. Energy Farming has expanded its cultivation of medicinal herbs to include turmeric, brahmi, calendula, echinacea, isabgol (psyllium), and ashwagandha. Once harvested, these herbs are processed into teas, ointments, and medicinal honey, and dispensed through the Total Health Center.

On April 16, the first harvest of turmeric was grown in the Energy Farming demonstration garden. With a few set aside for replanting, the unearthed rhizomes were soaked and rinsed, then cured in boiling water. They were then sliced and dried in a dehydrator.

The dried, ground turmeric will be offered as a tea, for use in treating cataracts, joint and muscle pain, and disorders of the immune system. It is also a main component in the Total Health Center’s medicinal honey, which is made using locally produced honey.

By utilizing the high-quality, organic herbs grown right in the gardens of Himalayan Institute Cameroon, this collaboration between Energy Farming and the Total Health Center makes Himalayan Institute Cameroon more self-reliant and less dependent on the importation of foreign medicine. Most important, a broad number of ailments can be treated using these low-cost, sustainably produced plants, affording a greater number of people the better health that they deserve.