The Himalayan Institute’s School of Carpentry & Construction is busy preparing for its first 10-week course on advanced woodworking techniques. Electricians and mechanics have been working at a furious pace to get all of the tools installed and tuned up before class begins on June 1.

The upcoming 10-week course will train students how to operate these machines in a safe and effective manner. Select graduates of the program will have the opportunity to work directly for the School of Carpentry & Construction, and all graduates will be certified operators who can use the machines for their own work. In addition, the machines will be made available to the public through a specialty woodworking service program in which carpenters can bring boards in to be processed in whatever way they need.

Many of the tools and techniques that will be used in the class are entirely new to Kumbo, Cameroon. Some examples are shown below.

Additional tools, although not new to Kumbo, include a cabinet table saw and a jointer and thickness planer, providing the full range of tools for a professional woodworking shop.