On June 1, the School of Carpentry & Construction began its first 10-week vocational training course on advanced woodworking techniques and furniture making. The school pioneers a range of new tools, equipment, and design techniques to improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of all carpentry and construction trades. The class is already off to a running start with lectures and practicums under way.

Every Monday morning, there is a lecture that introduces a new tool and skill set. The rest of the week is spent mastering those skills during practicums and discussing the various applications during subsequent lectures. On Friday of each week, the students are tested on their ability to handle the machines, demonstrate the skill sets, and verbalize the process. By articulating their knowledge during the test, the students show not only their personal understanding but also their ability to convey these concepts to others. Himalayan Institute Cameroon believes in a train-the-trainer style of education, and hopes that some of these students will be the instructors during the next training course.

Upon graduation, select students will have the opportunity to join the furniture production or service program, where local craftsmen can take advantage of the school’s wide range of carpentry equipment.