Marten Nyar first came to the Himalayan Institute Cameroon in the summer of 2007. Since then he has worked steadily to identify and address the challenges that the community faces in the area of construction. Marten is uniquely qualified for this job having 20 years experience in construction trades and 12 years experience making handcrafted furniture. Marten learned to make furniture as an apprentice in Santa Fe, New Mexico, before opening his own furniture shop. Now, he has taken these experiences and created an apprenticeship program in Kumbo, Cameroon which will teach advanced wood finishing techniques to local craftsmen. Much of the equipment and techniques that will be used and taught in the class are entirely new to Kumbo, and Marten hopes that this will enable woodworkers in the area to make higher quality products in a shorter amount of time.

Marten now makes his home in Kumbo with his wife Mary and their family.


Marten and family pose at Mary's shop.

Marten and family pose at Mary’s shop.