Up until 5 months ago, Kumbo had suffered from severe communication isolation—a city of 100,000 with no local TV or radio station. The Kumbo Development Organization in collaboration with the BBC has started a community radio station called Bui FM, and in only 5 months it’s clear that community radio is doing its part to fight the stagnant economic conditions.

The Himalayan Institute Cameroon has been supporting the station’s efforts and is airing several radio spots. Each commercial airs twice per day. The goal is to create community awareness about the community center’s activities and to get more of the community involved with the center’s programs.

Currently airing is a general HIC commercial sensitizing the community to the mission of the HI humanitarian efforts in Kumbo, a School of Carpentry & Construction spot introducing its service program which allow local craftsmen to benefit from C&C’s equipment, and a Total Health Center commercial informing people of the affordable natural health care options at all three of the branch centers.

Radio Mic

HIC public relations specialist Ntani Divine records the radio spots.

Service Program

The advertisements have already increased business at the Carpentry & Construction service program.