The Himalayan Institute Mexico (HIM) team is on the ground and settling into its new headquarters and home in the small mountain town of Jonotla. Once a parcel of land, community center building, and home were decided upon, the first week in town was spent fixing up the properties for immediate use by the HIM.

Originally designed as a hotel, the large hacienda-style building consists of two stories of verandas built around a large courtyard overlooking the mountains and cloud landscape of the Sierra Norte.

Staff and foreign residents will be housed in two finished rooms in the building, with access to the large kitchen and dining room. Though much of it is furnished, the building has been closed up and unlived in for years. Before being able to move in, a great deal of cleaning was necessary to make the place habitable.

After a few days of scrubbing, painting and repairs, HIM staff are feeling at home and are excited to put all of their energy toward the Energy Farming projects and making a difference in the community of Jonotla.