Indian film star Rajinikanth has given his warm support to the new Yoga+ magazine India Edition. He joined Pandit Rajmani Tigunait at an event in Chennai to officially unveil the inaugural issue of the magazine.

Known throughout India as the “Superstar” of Tamil cinema, Rajinikanth could be considered the ‘George Clooney of India,’ and has been named Best Actor numerous times by the Tamil Nadu State Film Awards. He first learned about the Himalayan Institute about twenty years ago when he read Swami Rama’s autobiography Living with the Himalayan Masters. An admirer of the Himalayan Institute and Swami Rama’s work ever since, Rajinikanth was very happy to learn of the launch of the Yoga+ magazine in India and gladly accepted the invitation to take part in the magazine’s unveiling.

The Himalayan Institute has its roots deep in India where Swami Rama is widely recognized as one of the greatest sages of the 20th century. Almost 20 years after founding Yoga+ as the authentic voice of yoga and spirituality in the US, the Institute is proud to officially bring Yoga+ back to India.

Rajinikanth (left) and Pandit Tigunait (center) share a laugh before the beginning of the event in Chennai.