Himalayan Institute Cameroon’s Total Health Center hosted a workshop that focused on hygiene and sanitation awareness and how to improve health in homes and villages—250 women came from several nearby villages.

Eucharia Kouh, Total Health Program Leader, presented a holistic approach to addressing hygiene and the common problems caused by sanitary concerns. In addition, she discussed the Total Health Center products, services, and consultations that use ayurvedic herbs, homeopathy, yoga, breathing practices, relaxation techniques, and diet and nutrition education. Topics included:

  • Proper hygiene, sanitation, and waste management
  • Freedom from depression (using alternate nostril breathing and meditation—learning to focus your mind on your breath, NOT your problems)
  • Freedom from stress (using systematic relaxation and proper sleep)
  • Freedom from allergies and catarrh and sinus infections (using nasal cleansing)
  • Freedom from obesity and diet-related problems (basic diet and nutrition)
  • Proper hand-washing techniques
  • Proper teeth-brushing techniques
  • Introduction to first aid
  • Basic joints and glands exercises for increased circulation and mobility
  • Remedies for the common cold and flu

These outreach efforts help to break through the stigmas that many women have about visiting health centers to seek guidance. Since hospitals are expensive, many village people wait until it is an emergency before seeking treatment, at which point it is often too late. For this reason, hospitals have become associated with death and disease, instead of healing and prevention. Himalayan Institute Cameroon is working to reverse this trend, by providing greater access to affordable medicine and more education about disease prevention.