When the Wayne County Public Library in Honesdale, PA needed to clear out some extra books from its shelves, the librarians immediately thought of the Himalayan Institute’s humanitarian projects. A team of participants in the Self Transformation Program volunteered their time to box up the collection of books and transport them to HI headquarters.

Thanks to the generosity of the library and the strong muscles of the packing team, 1,100 new hardbound books will arrive at the Kumbo Public Library when the next container is shipped over!

Meanwhile in Cameroon, the Kumbo Public Library, housed in the HI community center, has made a donation of its own: 1,000 top quality books were selected from the library and donated to the Kumbo Council’s new public library, which is being established by the municipal government in another part of town.

The books range in topic from religion to mathematics to children’s books. Since its grand opening, the Kumbo Public Library has had a constant stream of students and visitors, eager to use the library’s many resources. Another public library will help bring literacy, education, and access to high quality books to even more community members.

The donated books from the Wayne County Public Library will serve to refresh HI’s Kumbo Public Library and may even lead to another sharing of books with the new Council library.

Because of the goodwill of people all over the world, the Kumbo Public Library has become an amazing community hub and has inspired the people of Kumbo to establish more places of learning like it. Many thanks to the Wayne County Public Library and everyone who has contributed books, time, and funding to make it happen!