On April 26 Lilian Gupie, Energy Farming Program Leader, taught a free 3-hour long seminar at the Energy Farming campus in Kishong village. 39 people attended, including students and local farmers.

The seminar, titled “An Introduction to Organic Agriculture,” sought to raise awareness about the fundamental concepts in organic agriculture and to demonstrate its relevance and advantage to farmers in the region, who primarily grow corn, potatoes and coffee.

After reviewing the history and challenges of modern agriculture, Lilian described how sustainable, organic agriculture answers these problems. The class concluded with a hands-on practicum building a compost heap, which is an easy first step for farmers wishing to increase the sustainability of their own operations.

Eucharia Kuoh, head consulstant for the Total Health Center, also presented briefly about the Total Health program, highlighting the connection between agriculture and health.

This is the first class in a new seminar series, which will continue to delve deeper into key sustainable methods, such as advanced composting, integrated pest management, and crop diversification.