In 2011, Dallas high schoolers rocked out to support Trees for Tibet, HI members forged a new community partnership with a service excursion to Mexico, environmentalists in Buffalo drummed to support youth leadership in Cameroon, and people from all over the world donated books to the Kumbo Public Library.  Thanks to your support, the Himalayan Institute’s humanitarian initiatives have expanded across the board.  Here are a few 2011 highlights:

This year our water initiatives team dug two wells and also pioneered a spring-fed water catchment system.  Now, thousands more people in rural communities have access to clean, safe drinking water.

Across three continents, wherever Himalayan Institute centers opened their doors, they provided scholarships for underprivileged people of all ages.  It’s a simple way of showing our commitment to long term poverty alleviation through education. Support education today by joining our latest campaign, the Center For Leadership in Africa.

Cultural Exchange
Our eco-service excursion to Mexico proved that zero footprint tourism can be win-win.  Between exploring centuries old cathedrals and stunning landscapes in central Mexico, participants contributed to communal projects and were invited into the homes of local residents.

Ground Breaking:
In Khajuraho, India we began construction on a new Himalayan Institute campus, nestled between the Vindhya Mountains and a national forest.

Holistic Solutions
In 2011, more medicines than ever before were grown and processed on site by the very communities they will heal.  The union of agriculture, medicine, and employment opportunities forms the backbone of sustainable humanitarian projects.

Humanitarian Staff
Last year we said goodbye to humanitarian couple John Daskovsky and Amanda Masters who served our projects in the USA, Mexico and Cameroon. They have taken on new territory in Buffalo NY and now work at and run the Himalayan Institute Buffalo center. Congratulation to them both as they await arrival of their first born expected in April!

Also last year we said hello to new humanitarian dept technician, Steve Odnoha and welcomed him and his big bag of techy tricks.

Vocational Training and Job Creation
In Cameroon, we expanded our jewelry-making course to reach more rural women, while our School of Carpentry and Construction has been declared one of the leading vocational centers in the country.  In 2012, support these entrepreneurs by purchasing clothing, handcrafted jewelry and quality artwork from our Humanitarian trAID store.

In Mexico our community center continues to grow it’s sustainable agriculture programs as it teaches earth friendly and money saving farming practices.

Thanks again to HI members, donors and our humanitarian fans who’s extraordinary support made 2011 a year to remember!