Himalayan Institute Cameroon (HIC) took part in the 2013 National Youth Day Celebration, an event that brought together thousands of people and more than one hundred youth groups in Kumbo. (Exhibits ranged from farm produce and furniture to dressmaking and embroidery.) HIC was awarded First Place for an exhibition on arts and its involvement in Kumbo, empowering youth groups and local artisans.

This event provided a perfect publicity opportunity for our center: newly appointed delegates, civil servants recently transferred to Kumbo, teachers and businessmen all learned about Himalayan Institute Cameroon and the wonderful work they do in the community. As you can see, the officials used a desk, specially made by our very own School for Carpentry & Construction (C & C), for some of their work. Many of them promised to bring furniture orders to C & C; their local colleagues, some of whom already own our furniture, took the lead to talk positively about HIC.

Clara, who handles the awareness efforts for Himalayan Institute Cameroon, learned about the exhibition opportunity with barely one week to spare. She admirably coordinated with the rest of the team to prepare the necessary exhibit materials and ensure an attractive display for newly developed jewelry designs. Their First Place Award is no small achievement—it is the result of tremendous hard work and focused efforts by the entire HIC team. Join us in extending congratulations to them on a job well done!