Staff Spotlight: Steve Odnoha

Staff Spotlight: Steve Odnoha

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After working at the Himalayan Institute’s newest campus in Khajuraho, India, for nearly six months, Steve Odnoha is back at the Humanitarian Projects headquarters in Honesdale, PA.

Welcome back, Steve!

What does Steve do? 

Well, technically speaking, Steve is the technical projects manager for the Himalayan Institute’s Humanitarian Projects. Steve’s job is to determine what innovative technologies can be applied to increase our program’s effectiveness. Steve O is often lovingly referred to as “MacgyvO” because of his knack for simplistic ingenuity, building something out of nothing! This ability is quite useful when working at our project sites around the world, which often lack adequate industrial materials.

Steve has built solar power stations, wood drying kilns, ultrasonic cleaners, and even a gas laser! His credentials go on and on…

What are some fun facts about Steve?
  • Favorite food: Pizza
  • Favorite movies: Gladiator and Chicago
  • Favorite sport: Martial Arts
  • Places Steve has lived prior to the US: Bahrain, Korea, the Bahamas
  • Passions: Traveling, mission-based work, and using his skills to make positive changes in the lives of others
  • Latest technical project: Wood drying kiln in Cameroon, West Africa
  • Upcoming projects: Installation of an industrial wood planer at our Cameroon carpentry school