A Modern Take on Traditional Medicinal Oil

A Modern Take on Traditional Medicinal Oil

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The “Oil Boil”

One afternoon, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait demonstrated this traditional method of making medicinal oil at the Himalayan Institute campus in Khajuraho, India.

The Best Location

The best location to dig a fire pit is under the edge of a large shade tree canopy—shaded from the sun but not too close to the tree itself, digging the pit large enough to accommodate the pot (the larger the pot, the larger the pit and the more wood required).

Fire Safety

There are two concerns when working with fire, especially in an open setting: safety and ventilation.

chulha, a traditional earthen stove, alleviates both concerns: the fire is placed in a pit which keeps it from spreading and limits flying sparks; the sideways chimney allows for air intake and for the easy addition of wood.

The Best Ingredients

A carefully selected blend of high-quality herbal ingredients (brahmi, bhringraj, and triphala) and water were brought to a rolling boil to extract the medicinal properties of the herbs. Then the oil was added, in this case, equal parts of sesame and mustard oils. The oils and ingredients were specifically chosen to act as a tonic for the mind and to support memory.

It took several hours to reduce the oil and for all the moisture to boil away. All the while, it frothed and hissed and bubbled like a cauldron of magic!

The Best Product

The important healing properties from the herbs were completely released into the oil, making it easy for the skin and scalp to absorb through massage. Granted, the process is time-consuming and far beyond what you can do at home. However, our very own triphala oil—made with 100 percent sesame oil—is available from our warehouse. When you order the product online, you save hours of boiling time!

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