In 2013, our Humanitarian Team expanded the outreach of the Total Health Education Program with a widespread public health education campaign. This campaign radiated out from the Total Health Center in Kumbo to the people in the surrounding region, called Bui. Building health awareness, and introducing the concept of creating and sustaining health, are already starting to transform the society.

The Goal: to provide basic health education and impart knowledge of simple, yet life-changing, habits that empower people to reclaim healthy lives and halts the progression of preventable diseases, for themselves, their families and their community.

The Topics: Our public health curriculum was developed particularly to address the needs of this population. Nine main health topics make up the curriculum:

  1. Importance of Prevention
  2. Basic Public Health
  3. Basic First Aid
  4. Diet and Nutrition
  5. Maternal and Child Health
  6. Women’s Health
  7. Men’s Health
  8. Cameroon Specific Illnesses
  9. Stress and Emotional Health

The Impact: tremendous!
This multi-faceted effort reached an astonishing 80,000 people through classes (in-person and radio), extensive outreach efforts and a social infrastructure that included partnerships with local businesses.

The Ripple effect:

  1. Increased patient traffic at the main Total Health Clinic in Kumbo
  2. Improved Mobile Unit turn-out in rural villages
  3. Greater demand for medicine through our Self-Treatment Kiosks
  4. Opportunity to expand services and employ more local health consultants