The Countdown Is On! Only 2% to go!

The Countdown Is On! Only 2% to go!

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Quick Stats: Goal $150k | Raised $147k | Needed $3k | 10 Days remaining

Nearly one year ago we asked you to stand up, join hands and unite with 10 villages 7,000 miles away in Cameroon Africa. You trusted us, said yes, and together we partnered with these communities who’s children could not afford basic education, or even books to learn from at home. For almost an entire year we’ve worked together as One Tribe, with a crystal clear mission to change the lives of these children forever.


Our goal for each of these 10 communities is to create a safe and clean environment conducive to learning. We intend to build each of them a Himalayan Institute Library and infuse it with positivity and librarians who value knowledge.

Thanks to over 500 incredibly generous donors who championed this cause from over 40 states, we’ve raised $147,000 — enough money to (almost) establish ten libraries. We are shy of our goal by only $3,000, a small 2% from our $150,000 target which will let us construct 10 libraries.