Volunteer Close-Up: DJ Pierce Photographer

Volunteer Close-Up: DJ Pierce Photographer

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Just as service is a cornerstone of the Yoga tradition, volunteers are a cornerstone of our work at Himalayan Institute Cameroon. This past summer, professional photographer, art director, and all around creative guru DJ Pierce generously volunteered his time and expertise at Himalayan Institute Cameroon.


Photographer DJ Pierce on the road with Himalayan Institute Cameroon

It’s not just builders, mechanics, doctors and educators that volunteer with us– we value all forms of service. When people reach out and express interest in helping us, every unique pursuit in life is welcomed. Whether that’s digging in the garden, cooking meals for staff, or offering creative skills to help us illuminate the work we do at HIC.

Over a 6-day period, DJ took nearly 10,000 photographs in an effort to capture the people, places, and spirit of HI’s programs in Cameroon. It was a way not only for us to document the work we do, but to also see our accomplishments, our co-workers, and our Cameroonian friends through new eyes. DJ did an incredible job of capturing some of the most intriguing and wonderful moments from our time at HIC in 2016.


Students & teachers alike get excited by the opportunity to grow & proposer from a continued education.


Jewelry made with love by local staff supports the institute & artist families alike.



By teaching useful skills like carpentry, farming, jewelry making, & health consulting-HIC creates jobs for communities.



DJ became a student of the Himalayan Yoga tradition when he met his teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker in 2013 at the Himalayan Institute’s campus in Allahabad, India, joining the pilgrimage to Khajuraho, where DJ attended his first class with Yogarupa, atop the, then newly-constructed, Himalayan Institute Shrine. It was there, in India, that DJ’s path of yoga transitioned to the path of Sri Vidya. Since then, he has participated in many Himalayan Institute immersions, both in Honesdale and abroad, including the most recent New Years Immersion, Tantric Rituals & Tantric Meditation, always sharing his joy of photography with the HI community.

Giving back is at the heart of Yoga-DJ is one great example of how service can both inspire communities and strengthen our inner potential-connecting with the Himalayan Institute’s Humanitarian Project was no exception. While in Cameroon photographing, he even found time to teach an impromptu yoga class to a curious group of farmers!


In addition to the aforementioned, DJ also co-founded Global Glue Project with his sister Gillian Pierce (also a student of Yogarupa) in an effort to inspire love and healthy relationships. Global Glue’s mission is “to discover and share the secrets of sticking together” while providing community events, workshops, and online content & seminars to help couples uncover the tools for love & relationship conservation.

They interview couples from around the world asking how they met, the obstacles they’ve faced, and the glue that keeps them together, so that people across the globe can learn from each other’s experiences.

Consequently, a particular highlight of DJ’s trip was interviewing a couple very near and dear to our hearts-Edwin & Maryanne Binfon. The Binfon’s have been happily married for 26 years and share a deep passion for serving their community.

Edwin is an innovative restaurant owner while Maryanne is a Himalayan Institute certified Public Health Consultant. They pave the way for many in their community to begin a journey of greater health and prosperity. DJ captured their spirit with joy and excitement in their home of Kumbo, Cameroon.


Edwin & Maryanne Binfon in their home of Kumbo, Cameroon

At the heart of all we do in Cameroon are people like DJ: kind, dedicated individuals who strive to bring understanding, communication, and joy to those around them, offering what they can in the service of something greater.

To keep up with DJ’s humanitarian and creative endeavors, follow Global Glue Project and follow DJ on Instagram & Facebook. Check out some highlights of his work from Cameroon below!