Concluding Igniting the Power of Women Campaign

Concluding Igniting the Power of Women Campaign

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It’s unbelievable to see the amount of change that can occur when a group of people join together with the same intention to make a difference. That’s exactly what we saw this past year with our Igniting the Power of Women Campaign, and it could not have been possible without every single one of you; our donors and supporters.

Thank you again for your love and support in re-designing and expanding our Women’s Empowerment initiatives happening overseas in Cameroon, West Africa.

This new initiative was about advancing and igniting women in rural communities. More specifically, this initiative was focused on expanding our previously established Sacred Link Jewelry Program, to include a broader scope of educational and supportive programs that allow women to take on leadership roles within their communities. It is inspiring to see this new program now fully established in the Kumbo community and in the hearts of the women that have utilized these empowering opportunities.

Kimtong Women - Cameroon

This new initiative is now called the Women’s and Family Enrichment Program, and delivers educational workshops on women’s health, family hygiene, and household budget management, as well as specific instruction on how to start and manage an independent business. The program also offers continuing education classes that introduce graduates to marketing strategies and effective business practices. In its first year, our team provided 1,280 hours of class time to nearly 100 women.

Last year, we truly ignited the power of women, and we will continue offering these revitalized workshops and classes for many years to come. Together, we managed to raise $90,369 and we couldn’t be more humbled by your generosity. The impact of the donations we received will continue to do great work as this new program is continuously supported by local staff and community members. We are now seeing more women than ever finding a new sense of inspiration and enthusiasm to take their lives back into their own hands.

We are now ready to close down this campaign, knowing that the seeds have been planted and are starting to grow. Stay tuned for further updates and campaigns to continue supporting life changing work.

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