Empowering Communities Globally

Empowering Communities Globally

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2019 Donors’ Appeal
Empowering Communities Globally—We ask you to join us

Over the past few months, many of the communities we serve in Cameroon have been experiencing heightened violence and civil unrest. A prolonged thread of discontentment is showing up in the form of political conflict, and government and separatist-group violence has families and communities caught up in the middle of the battle. We remain in a neutral position and are focused on working toward a peaceful resolution and marking progress toward sustained growth and development. As we look back on the history of our own country, we begin to recognize social turbulence as part of evolutionary change. Having planted roots in Cameroon more than a decade ago, we have become a major supporting network for this developing country. As we remain unwavering in our work, we feel more rooted in these communities and acknowledge that our programs are needed now more than ever before. The programs we’ve created are aimed at disabling poverty, illiteracy, inequality, and lack of health resources, and now is the time to continue creating an impact.

In the years leading up to this conflict, we have touched the lives of thousands of people by building libraries, implementing healthcare initiatives, and creating programs aimed at teaching job skills, yet we’ve only scratched the surface on what is possible. As we continue to work together to achieve lasting change, the programs we have been nurturing over the past ten years have a further reach as we deepen our attention toward expansion. The time is now to begin to take our programs to the next level as the people within this community are more fully ready. Creating change is a long-term investment.

In the upcoming weeks, as we kick off our end of year campaign, we will be highlighting each of our four programs, asking you to get involved with us. We need dedicated financial resources in order to both broaden our reach and strengthen our mission, as our goals for the future are to keep growing and supporting these key programs. Together we have made a difference in the lives of thousands of people in Cameroon and together we will continue doing so. We have been here for over a decade, and we are not going anywhere.

We ask you to join us in this life-changing work. Please donate NOW to support our social impact, as we continue to support Africa into a brighter tomorrow. Creating change is a long-term investment. The impact that your support creates NOW will continue to develop for many generations to come.

We are changing the world.

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