Conflict And Our Approach

Conflict And Our Approach

All Photos By: DJ Pierce

Dear Friends,

Our annual campaign, Partnerships For Peace, focuses on health and education in a region suffering from political unrest. This fundraising initiative directly combats the negative effects of the conflict through our total health and children’s education initiatives. Our programs are oftentimes the only resources communities have access to in order to supplement the loss of schools and hospitals across the region. Every day, our staff in Cameroon is hard at work forging partnerships with local women’s groups, children’s organizations, and communities to cast a wider safety net of outreach to as many people as possible.

A Closer Look At The Conflict:
This week we will be focusing on explaining the origins and current situation of the conflict in Cameroon, and how it affects our health and education initiatives in the country.

This conflict is primarily between the English-speaking Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon and the French-speaking majority region of Cameroon. This is where the root of the problem stems from; one country with two fundamentally different parts.

Some of the initial grievances from the English speaking regions began with the feeling that most of the jobs and government positions were being favored for French-speaking citizens, along with priority for education, roads, and healthcare. Eventually, protesters and security forces clashed, which has resulted in on-going violence. To date, 500,000 people have been displaced from their homes, with reports estimating between 1,500 and 2,000 having lost their lives, many of whom have been innocent civilians (Source: AllAfrica).

The Himalayan Institute does not condone violence of any kind and we continue to urge both sides to come to a peaceful resolution. Fortunately, through our relationships within Cameroon, we have been able to remain neutral throughout this conflict which allows us to continue providing vital health and education services to the communities we have been serving for over 12 years.

All Photos By: DJ Pierce

Why This Matters:
This conflict has been persisting for over 2 years. Hundreds of thousands of Cameroonians have been displaced from their homes, and thousands more have fled across the border into Nigeria. A majority of people are internally displaced within the country and have fled their homes with their friends, children, and families. Hospitals are closed and people don’t have access to basic health care. Children have been forced from school and don’t have access to formal education. The stress and anxiety of living in the midst of a conflict zone are crippling to so many and can be completely overwhelming. However, we are not backing down and will continue to provide and grow our services during a time when we are needed most.

How Will This Campaign Help?
Partnerships for Peace mitigates the stress and turmoil people are experiencing every day. Through breathing and mindfulness techniques, women, men, and children are receiving the tools to help them cope and create peace of mind during this volatile time in their lives. Through our collective efforts, which could not continue without donor support, we remain on the ground daily sharing children’s literacy programs, public health education, and meditation practices.

We ask you for a donation to support this initiative as well as our overall goal of bringing peace to the world, especially those who need our help the most.

These resources create a lasting impact on the communities we serve. With ongoing support, our outreach will continue to expand throughout all of Cameroon. Please donate NOW to support our social impact, as we continue to support Cameroon into a brighter tomorrow. Creating change is a long-term investment. Your support creates impact that will continue to develop for many generations to come.

We are changing the world.

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All Photos By: DJ Pierce