Collective Consciousness

Collective Consciousness

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Dear Friends,

Our annual campaign, Partnerships For Peace, focuses on health and education in a region suffering from political unrest. This fundraising initiative directly combats the negative effects of the conflict through our total health and children’s education initiatives. Our programs are often the only resources communities have access to in order to supplement the loss of schools and hospitals across the region. Every day, our staff in Cameroon is hard at work forging partnerships with local women’s groups, children’s organizations, and communities to cast a wider safety net of outreach to as many people as possible.

A Closer Look At Collective Consciousness:

This week we introduce a large concept that helps us understand the bigger picture. From this viewpoint, our programs not only impact our communities in Cameroon but also the larger conflict that has been present in the entire region. Our association with Year Long Meditation highlights this very idea, and supports the notion of “Collective Consciousness.” We have witnessed how communities are affected on a group level when we positively impact how they think, feel and behave as a group.

As we work toward creating lasting change through our Himalayan Institute Cameroon programs, we recognize that transformation on a large scale always starts with an individual. For example, communities are made up of neighborhoods, neighborhoods are made up of families, and families are made of up individuals. Therefore, our programs and educational services are geared toward individual learning by delivering direct health services, educational classes, and resources on a personal level.

Why This Matters:

Through focused effort, we take steps that influence ourselves and those around us in a positive way. This action alone allows us to see changes occurring first within ourselves, families and friend groups, and then eventually our communities, cities, and countries. When we experience positive change within ourselves, we naturally become inspired to share it with those around us, and over time more and more people are influenced.

How Collective Consciousness Relates To Our Campaign:

Himalayan Institute Cameroon is working in a region that has been exposed to violence, separation, and uncertainty. The emotional impact on many families is more than we can imagine, causing stress at both a physical and mental level.

However, powerful and positive experiences mitigate stress and uncertainty, and our team has been on the ground every day delivering health services based on meditation and breath awareness to address this. Although our programs do not yet have the capacity to directly reach every person in Cameroon, we know that eventually the Collective Consciousness of the region will start to shift towards a more peaceful time and atmosphere as individuals find a greater sense of peace within themselves.

On a larger scale, we contribute towards Collective Consciousness by participating in meditation and breath awareness techniques from anywhere in the world—this is the idea that Year Long Meditation is founded upon.

How Will This Campaign Help?

Partnerships for Peace mitigates the stress and turmoil people are experiencing every day. Through breathing and mindfulness techniques, women, men, and children are receiving the tools to help them cope and create peace of mind during this volatile time in their lives. Our collective efforts, which would not continue without donor support, remain on the ground daily sharing children’s literacy programs, public health education, and meditation practices.

We ask you for a donation to support this initiative as well as our overall goal of bringing peace to the world, especially those who need our help the most.

These resources create a lasting impact on the communities we serve. With ongoing support, our outreach will continue to expand throughout all of Cameroon. Please donate NOW to support our social impact, as we continue to support Cameroon into a brighter tomorrow. Creating change is a long-term investment. Your support creates change that will continue to develop for many generations to come.

We are changing the world.

Visit our campaign here.

All Photos By: DJ Pierce