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2021 India Relief Fund

We Need Your Help Now

The Himalayan Institute India has undertaken numerous humanitarian efforts over the past six decades. Today we need your help in bringing immediate COVID-19 relief and longer-term empowerment to the rural communities surrounding our campuses in Khajuraho and Allahabad–focused on community health, food security and education.

Three Goals We Need to Achieve

COVID-19 has brought extraordinary upheaval to rural communities already challenged by climate change, failing agricultural livelihood, migration, and inadequate health and educational infrastructure. With a significant portion of the population weakened by COVID-19, agricultural productivity is expected to plummet, leading to food insecurity and children’s education being sacrificed in favor of basic needs. Our goal is to stabilize key community needs in the villages surrounding our campuses.

250 Children Educated

Scholarships and learning materials for 250 village children

500 Cases Treated

Healthcare relief for 500 people

10,000 Meals Given

Clean water and nutrition for those in need

Fundraising Progress

2021 India Relief Fund

Your donation directly supports our humanitarian efforts in the rural communities surrounding the Himalayan Institute Khajuraho and Allahabad campuses.

Goal: $75,000

133.5% Funded
$100,151 Raised
Days to Go
326 Donors

Community Health

Our community health efforts will initially focus on immediate healthcare relief for COVID-19 and other acute health issues in our neighboring villages. These efforts will dovetail with a community health initiative slated to launch in 2022, offering ongoing preventive and curative health services and public health education to the local communities surrounding our campuses. This initiative will focus on topics that are most relevant to their needs, such as basic first aid, diet and nutrition, women’s and children’s health, and oral hygiene.

Clean Water and Food Security

COVID-19 has amplified existing challenges with food security, access to clean water, and decreased agricultural productivity. With the onset of the intense heat of Indian summer, access to clean water for people and their livestock is vital. This initiative provides nutritional support and clean water to those in greatest need.

Educational Support

Education is the backbone of community empowerment. School tuition and other educational expenses were already out of reach for many in our region, and loss of livelihood linked to COVID-19 has only made this worse. Our initiative will provide educational materials for children as well as scholarships for school tuition–and dovetails with a broader literacy initiative slated to launch in 2022, aimed at children and adult functional literacy in Hindi and English, and professional communication skills.

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HI India has undertaken numerous humanitarian efforts over the decades, focused on healthcare, education, livelihood creation, and environmental regeneration. It’s campuses in Allahabad and Khajuraho anchor the Institute’s educational programs and publications in India, and host extraordinary spiritual retreats and group practices. Both campuses are home to a vibrant community of staff and residents, and support the local villages in their vicinity.

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We call you to action to support an incredible and resilient team who are on the ground changing lives every single day. The impact that your donation creates NOW will continue to develop for generations to come.

*All donations are tax-deductible. The Himalayan Institute reserves the right to direct funds to any area of our India projects where they are needed most.