Before & After: Our Water Well Project in Khajuraho

Before & After: Our Water Well Project in Khajuraho

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The mission to bring a new freshwater supply to local communities surrounding our campus in Khajuraho, India is underway!

The HI India team has been working fast and hard under challenging circumstances that included labor shortages, lack of digging equipment, and drought, but they are doing well.

Before: Searching for Land

Recently, the HI India team employed a local, traditional water finder to identify locations on our Community Center land where water may have been underground.

Then, they validated those points with a bore driller to collect samples up to 150’ deep. This helped the team to determine if there was water underground, identify whether the strata was soil or heavy rock, and analyze other factors that influenced our capacity to dig a large well in that location.

After: Excavations are Underway!

After several attempts, we found a location with underground water up to 20’ deep and soft, breakable rock from 20’-40’ under ground. We found our spot!

The team then engaged an excavator to dig a hole that is 20’-25’ wide and 20’ deep. After drilling to that depth, the well required blasting the rock and digging it out with a combination of an excavator, chain pulley, and manual digging by hand. This work is all underway now and will take a few more weeks until we have drilled as deep as we can go. Our goal is to drill to 50’ deep.

Thereafter, we will start laying a concentric cylindrical brick wall, which we will share more details about when that work is underway.

The whole team is inspired, optimistic, and sends its gratitude for the opportunity to execute this vision.

This has been an amazing process to witness, and we look forward to updating you on this project again soon!

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