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Cameroon is in the midst of conflict. Despite this, our rural empowerment programs continue to thrive and grow as we work towards our goal of fighting poverty, illiteracy, and inequality through education, health care, and job creation.

School of Carpentry & Construction

The School of Carpentry & Construction is a vocational training and service center that features a large range of modern tools, equipment, and techniques, all designed to improve the efficiency, safety, and quality of construction projects in Cameroon. Kumbo, Cameroon, suffers from an overwhelming deficiency of tools, and workers lack experience of how to integrate the various trades required to efficiently build or renovate a building. The result is that construction projects are frequently plagued with inefficiency, inconsistent quality, high cost, and numerous safety concerns. By integrating several vocational trades, including carpentry, masonry, and plumbing, the School of Carpentry & Construction is training a new generation of general contractors who will be equipped to more effectively address the challenges of construction.

Vocational Training

The School of Carpentry & Construction offers vocational training courses on advanced woodworking techniques and furniture making. The course includes training in structural design, furniture design and upholstery, detail carpentry work, wood preserving and finishing techniques, project estimating, and shop management. With a strong emphasis on hands-on experience, the program provides ample opportunity for student projects and internships. Graduates can use their certificates of completion to help them get better jobs throughout Cameroon, and select students have the opportunity to join the furniture production and service program.

Service Program

The School of Carpentry & Construction is equipped with a modern set of woodworking machines: table saw, mortising machine, drill press, lathe, plunge routers, handheld belt sanders, and randomorbit hand sanders. Many of these machines are the first of their kind in the area, helping to make the local carpentry industry more efficient, productive, and safe.

The service program makes these modern power tools available to the Kumbo public. Staffed by select graduates from the center’s 10-week training program, the center provides on-demand custom cuts and joinery for established carpenters. Many of the orders completed in minutes with stationary power tools at the school would otherwise take days of manual labor. The service program ensures high-quality products for consumers, and broadens the product base for the 250+ carpenters in the region.

Furniture Production Center

Technicians from the training program are also trained in modern furniture design and building techniques. The School of Carpentry & Construction fills challenging orders from the local community for furniture that could not be completed through traditional methods. By doing this, the school raises awareness of the potential for local materials and creates future demand for locally produced, high-quality furniture. Upon commencement of the first training program, the school was asked to completely furnish a new government building.

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