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Cameroon is in the midst of conflict. Despite this, our rural empowerment programs continue to thrive and grow as we work towards our goal of fighting poverty, illiteracy, and inequality through education, health care, and job creation.

Women’s Empowerment

Our women’s empowerment programs provide women with the skills and opportunities to build sustainable small businesses that help eradicate poverty and bring economic growth to rural communities. Our premier women’s empowerment program is our jewelry training program, Sacred Link Jewelry.

Sacred Link Jewelry

Sacred Link Jewelry incorporates designs and materials from all around the world and brings the beauty of the village market to the global market.

For nearly a decade, we’ve worked with schools, women’s empowerment groups, government ministries, local nonprofits, and other development clubs throughout Cameroon to teach jewelry making as a vocational trade. For the women in these communities, having a skill that allows them to earn an income is a matter of great pride as it allows them to be self-reliant.

Most recently, we have begun working with women in prison, teaching them jewelry making. This skills development provides a source of dignity and income to support their families at home.

Ways you can help

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