Energy Farming

Energy Farming Techniques

The Himalayan Institute’s Energy Farming program utilizes organic and biovedic land cultivation techniques. By avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the Energy Farming program is able to grow healthy crops while improving the fertility of the soil. Some of these techniques that are currently in use at the Tibetan Rabgayling Settlement include intercropping, vermicomposting, and micro-rainwater [...]

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Protecting the Pongamia Plantation

3,500 pongamia seedlings have been planted at the Himalayan Institute Energy Farming demonstration site at the Tibetan Rabgayling Settlement. The seedlings have been doing very well and are now about 3-4 feet tall. Once fully mature, the seeds from these trees will be used to produce biofuel, which will help to bring jobs and sustainability [...]

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Preparing the Land

The Himalayan Institute Energy Farming team at the Tibetan Rabgayling Settlement has set to work preparing the land for planting young pongamia seedlings. Currently, the seedlings are doing very well at their nursery where they were planted only a few months ago. A tractor from the Rabgayling Settlement Farmers Cooperative has been used to clear [...]

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Origins of the Himalayan Institute, Tibetan Collaboration

The seed of the Himalayan Institute Tibetan Community Center vision was planted in winter 2007, when an Institute member introduced the HI Community Center concept to representatives of the Tibet Fund, an independent US-based nonprofit organization that works closely with the Central Tibetan Administration and grass roots organizations to sustain and empower the exile community. [...]

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HIC Spotlight: Napoleon Kome

Napoleon Kome works as a groundskeeper at the Himalayan Institute Cameroon. He holds the distinction of being one of HIC’s first contacts in Cameroon. Napoleon grew up in Kiyan, a small village just outside of Kumbo. During his high school years, he opened a modest import business with the money he’d saved from working odd [...]

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