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Our program model in India has been designed to focus on three initiatives: providing educational programs for children to help them rise above poverty level, preserving ancient culture and wisdom, and providing support for villagers dealing with natural disasters.

Preserving Ancient Culture & Wisdom

Education and spirituality are two values that are central to the mission of the Himalayan Institute, and through our work in North India we have been able to support and preserve the traditional Sanskrit teachings of the sages.

Pathashala—Traditional Sanskrit School

In the district of Jaunpur in North India, the Himalayan Institute has supported a pathashala, or traditional Sanskrit school. For half a century, this school has been an active institution for the indigenous arts and sciences of ancient India. It is one of the rare schools where Sanskrit is the medium for teaching and speaking. With the Institute’s support, the Sanskrit school built new classrooms and established a library.

A Traditional Way of Learning

Himalayan Institute funding also provided lodging and boarding to students studying in the traditional gurukula style, in which students study scripture and practice spiritual discipline while living with their teachers.

These efforts have helped to reintroduce subjects such as Vedic astrology, Vastu Shastra (Vedic architecture), and the science of mantra and rituals. The ancient wisdom of the sages is preserved in the hearts and minds of those who study here.

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