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2020 Donor Appeal

2020 Donor Appeal

Partnerships for Peace

Cameroon is living in a constant state of conflict, and innocent civilians are caught in the crossfire. Children no longer have access to education, families have limited access to basic healthcare, and countless people are fleeing the violence. With our long-standing presence in Cameroon, we are in position to support these communities, and we need your help.


Fostering Strength and Community

As a result of this ongoing conflict, hospitals have been shut down, children have been forced from their schools, and an unprecedented influx of internally displaced persons are stretching local resources. To combat this, we are on the ground every day sharing children’s literacy programs, public health education, and meditation practices, working to help people find peace in the midst of turmoil.


Over 500,000 people have fled their homes as a result of the conflict


Over 80% of schools in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon are shut down


61 attacks targeting health care facilities in the last year alone

Fundraising Stats

Partnerships for Peace

Your donation directly supports health and educational services by providing our expert staff with transportation, school supplies, and training as they go directly into the communities affected by this conflict. We ask you to stand with us during a time of daily struggle and uncertainty.

Goal: $100,000

100.6% Funded
$100,622 Raised
Days to Go
94 Donors

Two Goals We Need To Achieve

Our staff is working around the clock, partnering with community members to teach children’s literacy, breathing, meditation, and preventive health practices. Due to this constant state of conflict, people are struggling with crippling stress and anxiety. These practical and actionable tools help navigate day-to-day life during these volatile times.


Reach 6,000 internally displaced persons through our health services


Serve 12,000 students through our supplemental education services

Our Delivery Model

How each of our programs is addressing the everyday issues of the communities we serve.

At a Glance

Our Initiatives & The Issues They Solve

Children's Literacy

Children’s Literacy

Children have been unable to attend school for almost 3 years, and are experiencing an incredibly frightening and volatile time in their lives. We provide the space and support necessary to supplement this lack of education through in-depth mentoring and tutoring programs. Our programs allow children of all ages to advance their learning and personal growth and spend time in an environment that is safe and supportive. Through spelling bees, reading groups, collaborative learning activities, teamwork exercises, and basic breathing and meditation techniques, children are able to gather tools to advance their education and calm their hearts and minds during this time of conflict.

Health Education

Health Education

Hospitals and health centers have been shut down for almost 3 years. Essential health services are no longer being provided to the civilians. We are providing widespread public health education focusing on preventive wellness, systematic breathing, and basic meditation techniques to help alleviate the emotional challenges this community is facing during these turbulent times. We have expertly trained staff, resources, and knowledge to reach thousands of people. In the midst of war-torn communities, breathing and meditation are helping people of all ages cope with their stress.

Support Our Outreach

Create your own fundraising campaign and become a humanitarian leader within your community! Raise the funds by reaching out to friends, family members, and personal communities to support our core programs in Cameroon and know that you’re changing the lives of many of our Cameroonian friends and families.

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