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Global Humanitarian Projects

We partner with rural communities to provide health services, public libraries, and sustainable employment opportunities.


What We Do

Our humanitarian projects serve impoverished communities through rural empowerment and environmental regeneration.

Job Creation

Reducing poverty through participatory action and initiatives such as technical training courses, certificate programs, entrepreneurship classes, and market linkage.

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Community Health

Addressing the underlying factors responsible for poor health through our health centers, community health classes, and health product manufacturing.

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Public Libraries

Providing tools for people in rural communities to survive and thrive through public libraries that provide vocational training, practical life skill development, and technical knowledge.

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Where We Work

We establish roots in communities where we can do the most good for the greatest number of people, laying the foundation for generations of meaningful change.

  • Cameroon

    Rural empowerment projects to fight poverty, illiteracy, and inequality through education, health care, and job creation.

  • India

    Providing educational programs for children, preserving ancient culture and wisdom, and providing support for villagers dealing with natural disasters.

  • Mexico

    Alleviating diet-related diseases through high-yield home gardens and advisory meetings with our nutritional counseling.

  • Tibetan Settlements

    We introduced sustainable agriculture and green energy production to Tibetan refugee settlements in southern India.

Who we are

Get to Know Us

Standalone projects rarely have a sustainable impact. Our organizational history of humanitarian service has shown that a more holistic model—meeting communities where they are and developing local partnerships—creates more lasting transformation. Meet the dedicated team that makes it happen.

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