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2022 Clean Water and Public Health Fund

Clean Water Sustains Life

Our humanitarian efforts have served rural communities in India and Cameroon for decades. Climate change and the spread of infectious disease has made access to clean water and public health knowledge more important than ever before. We need your help in serving tens of thousands of children and families in 2023.

Four Goals We Need to Achieve

Give clean water for 3,000 people

Providing clean drinking water to villages near HI Khajuraho (India).

Restore 4 wells serving 5,000 people

Comprehensive maintenance to restore community water sources.

Teach 25,000 children public health

Teaching youth preventive health and clean water best practices.

Hand-washing stations for 50 schools

Distributing wash basins and soap so 25,000 children can stay healthy at school.

Fundraising Progress

2022 Clean Water and Public Health Fund

Your donation directly supports our ongoing clean water and public health initiatives, which serve rural communities in Central India and the Northwest Cameroon.

Goal: $75,000

263.2% Funded
$197,425 Raised
Days to Go
111 Donors

Community Wells

Families in Africa often struggle to find clean drinking water, sometimes walking miles in search of it. For 15 years, the Himalayan Institute Cameroon has helped rural communities build new water sources and rehabilitate existing ones so that they have access to clean water for drinking and domestic use. We also train these communities with the knowledge to maintain these water sources, and use them efficiently to steward this precious resource wisely.

Seasonal Clean Water Supply

The area around the HI Khajuraho campus in Central India is known as a “rain-shadow” district and chronically suffers from seasonal droughts during the intense heat of Indian summer. Many wells go dry during this period, forcing people to compete for scarce water reserves, which are often contaminated. The Himalayan Institute dug a large traditional well which is a year-round water supply, and uses a water tanker system to distribute water to nearby villages throughout the dry season.

Public Health Classes

The lack of public health knowledge and sanitation awareness is one of the leading causes of disease and childhood mortality in Africa. Teaching public health best practices is a time-tested way to dramatically improve the health and quality of life for the entire family. For over 15 years, the Himalayan Institute Cameroon has been a leader in public health education, reaching hundreds of thousands in the North West Region. Our team works in partnership with schools and community organizations to deliver public health classes targeting clean water safety and preventive health issues.

School Hand-Washing Stations

We take access to clean water and soap for granted, but in many rural schools in Africa, hand-washing is not the essential personal hygiene staple we know it to be, but rather is a luxury. Our team is partnering with 50 schools in Cameroon to provide them with hand-washing basins and soap, so that their students can take better care of their health, and stay focused on their education. By combining this with public health classes at the same schools, we’ll help children form crucial habits of good personal hygiene to support their long-term health.

Himalayan Institute Cameroon

About Himalayan Institute Cameroon

Our Community Center

In 2007, we began partnering with rural communities in Cameroon to eradicate poverty, disease, and illiteracy. Since then, our education, health services, and job creation initiatives have thrived through ongoing respectful partnership with the local communities—impacting more than 50,000 lives and laying the foundation for generations of meaningful change.

About Himalayan Institute India

HI India has undertaken numerous humanitarian efforts over the decades, focused on healthcare, education, livelihood creation, and environmental regeneration. Its campuses in Allahabad and Khajuraho anchor the Institute’s educational programs and publications in India, and host extraordinary spiritual retreats and group practices. Both campuses are home to a vibrant community of staff and residents, and support the local villages in their vicinity.

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