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2024 Food Security and Nutritional Wellness Fund

Feed the Future

Escalation in global conflict is bringing unprecedented supply chain disruptions. Drastic climate change is causing poor crop yields. As a direct result, food security for millions across Africa has been severely impacted. With humanitarian projects serving rural communities in Cameroon for over 15 years, we are effectively positioned to provide relief and support now. With your help, we’ll serve thousands of children and families in Northwest Cameroon, Africa, in 2024.

Three Goals We Need to Achieve

Grow 23,000 lbs of Food Locally

Partnering with Cameroon farmers to bolster crop quality and productivity

Provide 10,000 Meals to Children at School

Nourishing the minds, bodies and spirits of Cameroon children with an entire school year of daily meals

Mentor 5,000 Families in Personal Wellness

Educating families about the importance of nutrition and preventative health

Fundraising Progress

2024 Food Security and Nutritional Wellness Fund

Your donation directly supports our food security and nutritional wellness initiatives which serve rural communities in Northwest Cameroon, Africa.

Goal: $75,000

124% Funded
$92,998 Raised
Days to Go
115 Donors

Farming Partnerships

Africa’s population is exploding, climate change is making food production increasingly erratic, and geo-political disruptions are making global food supply chains increasingly unreliable. Despite being blessed with fertile soil, abundant water and remarkable farming talent which collectively have the potential to feed not only the entire continent, but the world, Africa remains highly reliant on importing food from abroad. The Ukraine conflict has devastated much of its grain supply and the only truly sustainable solution is to grow food locally. Through direct sourcing partnerships, our initiative supports steady, reliable growth and expansion for well-vetted, local farmers who grow staple foods such as rice, corn, beans, potatoes, and vegetables in the communities we serve.

Meals at School

During food shortages, families are often forced to resort to cutting back on meals, resulting in children going to school on an empty stomach. A multitude of studies including this one shared by the United Nations World Food Program USA report that hunger and poor nutrition dramatically harm children’s ability to learn and grow. Helping schools feed students is an effective way to not only improve children’s education, but also their long-term health and wellbeing. This initiative engages partner schools that HI Cameroon has worked with for over a decade on a wide range of educational and health initiatives, providing children with school-time meals or take-home food packets over a consistent, substantial amount of time, bringing a much longer-lasting, comprehensive impact.

Family Health & Wellness Mentorship

Knowledge is power. Nutritional wellness and preventive health literacy is a key tool in improving the overall health of families. This initiative focuses on educating parents regarding key principles and guidelines in diet, nutrition, public health and preventive wellness so that their children and families get the most out of what they eat and stay healthy longer. A favorite phrase of the HI Cameroon public health team is “Your health is your wealth!” which beautifully captures the spirit of this initiative. Support the HI Cameroon team’s efforts in bringing this indispensable practical knowledge to thousands by offering a series of public family nutrition and wellness workshops through our HIC Community Center as well as in partnership with dozens of community groups, churches, schools, social clubs, and traditional (tribal) groups.

About Himalayan Institute Cameroon

Himalayan Institute Cameroon

Our Community Center

In 2007, we began partnering with rural communities in Cameroon to eradicate poverty, disease, and illiteracy. Since then, our education, health services, and job creation initiatives have thrived through ongoing respectful partnership with the local communities—impacting more than 50,000 lives and laying the foundation for generations of meaningful change.

Our Public Health Initiatives

We’ve trained community health workers in Northwest Cameroon, enabling them to confidently go out into their communities to provide vital public health knowledge and awareness. Our health education classes and awareness efforts are aimed at addressing the lack of access to health knowledge throughout the general population. Our model is the first of its kind in the region.

Himalayan Institute Cameroon

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