Celebrating 10 Years of Service

Celebrating 10 Years of Service 2018-06-12T10:25:46-04:00

Ten years ago we decided to take action in underserved communities. Help us continue the fight to make opportunity a human right.

Building Libraries, Improving Health, Creating Jobs

We partner with rural communities to provide health services, public libraries, and sustainable employment opportunities. Over the last 10 years our programs have impacted thousands of lives in Cameroon. Just in the last three years our reach has grown 80%. Moving forward, we’re focused on three priorities: libraries and education, community health, and job creation. We are determined to take action against poverty in underserved communities, and with continued support from people like you, we will make an exponential difference.

Take Action

We have made great strides towards reducing poverty. Now through January 31st, help us raise $200,000 to accelerate this progress.

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Help reduce poverty

In Cameroon, the average healthy life expectancy is 45, 75% of people are underemployed, and 3 out of 10 children suffer from malnutrition—your contribution has the potential to make a lasting impact on thousands lives. Help us improve quality of life, provide employment opportunities, and alleviate child malnutrition throughout rural communities in Northwest Cameroon.



Join us and take action

Take your commitment to the next level by creating your own fundraising campaign. Set a personal fundraising goal, state your mission, and get your family and friends involved.

Your effort helps our fight to make opportunity a human right.

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Leave a lasting impact

Join us on a service excursion to Cameroon to help celebrate our 10th anniversary and experience the full impact our programs have on local communities. This trip is a unique blend of service, cultural immersion, self-study, and adventure.

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Fundraising Stats

Now through June 30th, help us raise $200,000 to accelerate this progress.

Goal: $200,000

165.5% Funded
$331,032 Raised
Days to Go
344 Donors


Through our public libraries, we’ve made over 60,000 books available to the community in Cameroon.


Our vocational trainees experience a 90% employment success rate after completing our courses.


Over 320,000 members of the local community have access to our health and vocational training initiatives.

Initiatives Supported by Your Donations

  • Mobile health clinics allow our health specialists to reach remote communities and provide vital health services that would otherwise be inaccessible. Your donations will provide more mobile health clinics.
  • Locally made health products are increasingly in demand. Your donations will enable us to purchase more supplies, hire more local staff, and meet the growing needs of the community.
  • Health consultants are the front line of our mission to educate the public on health issues affecting their communities. Your donations will increase the number of community health consultants, which is critical to reaching our goal.
  • Climate control for book safety is essential for maintaining the quality of library inventory and providing a functional study space for patrons. Your donations will purchase properly fitted windows, doors, and working fans.
  • Computers and Internet service bring global connectivity to our community and expand educational opportunities. Your donations will purchase new computers and satellite Internet service for educational research and training.
  • More books are critical to our efforts. In Cameroon, many children cannot afford to go to school due to the high price of textbooks. Your donations make these books available to students who would otherwise not be able to afford them.
  • Vocational training provides community members with the job skills needed to earn a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families.
  • Investing in equipment is needed to sustain our work, enabling us to continue serving customers, training employees, and expanding our efforts. Your donations will purchase saw blade sharpeners and welders, building materials, and lumber boards.
  • Solar panels will allow us to sustainably power computers and library lighting, which makes our educational materials available to a wider range of people for longer periods of time. Your donations will provide solar power for our main community center in Kumbo.

Donate now

Help us continue our fight to make opportunity a human right.

Join us and take action

Take your commitment to the next level by creating your own fundraising campaign. Set a personal fundraising goal, state your mission, and get your family and friends involved.

Your effort helps our fight to make opportunity a human right.

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Our Impact Over the Years


Founded the Himalayan Institute Cameroon Community Center

Launched Sacred Link Jewelry—a women’s empowerment training program


Launched the School of Carpentry & Construction

Held our first Eco-Service Excursion

Opened the doors to our first Total Health Center after training consultants


Held the grand opening of the Kumbo Public Library

Started medicinal farming to sustainably supply our growing health initiatives


Completed our first clean water project in Kishong Village

Held the Help Africa Move Forward Conference and hosted an international delegation of 25 people


Started using Mobile Health Clinics to reach underserved communities

Achieved 100% management of Himalayan Institute Cameroon with local staff


Opened the Business and Education Study Center


Piloted our Community Health Education Initiative, which reached 80,000 people in just over six months.


Launched our first fundraising challenge to grow our health education initiative


Hosted our 4th Service Excursion

Graduated 52 health consultants and 14 carpentry and construction students


Opened libraries in five different underserved communities