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Igniting the Power of Women

By partnering with the Himalayan Institute, you will join a monumental movement happening all around the world to build sustainable, global change through advancing women in rural communities.


Empower a Girl, Empower a Nation

Women’s empowerment and gender equality is an important part of the mission of Himalayan Institute Cameroon. Women and girls play a vital role in both the economic and social development of a country. Consequently, we have developed a multi-faceted program to help empower women in Cameroon through financial literacy, health knowledge, and business skills.

66 Million

There are 66 million girls out of school globally.


Over 4,900 girls in developing countries aged 15–19 die each year from childbirth.


Of women in developing countries, 70% are underemployed.

What We’re Doing

This year, Himalayan Institute Cameroon commits to raising funds to expand our Women’s Empowerment Program (WEP). The expansion of WEP will include specialized, female-focused healthcare (specifically maternal and pre/post-natal health), stress management through yoga, financial literacy, and vocational training courses, all aimed at targeting 500–1,000 women from 2017–2018. Our wish is to bolster the female population of Northwest Cameroon with the tools necessary to raise healthy, successful families, while stimulating local economic growth, cannot be done without your support!

What You Support & The Change We’ll Make

Our Women’s Empowerment Program serves low to mid income level women in marginalized communities of Cameroon. The new WEP will consist of two series of training and services.

Helping Women in Cameroon

Goals for Women’s Health, Stress Management, and Family Financial Planning:

  • Reach 500–1000 women in person through health classes, mobile health clinics, finance seminars, and yoga for stress
  • Foster adoption of better financial practices, especially around saving money for family emergencies, among 75% of the women who participate in Series 1
  • Help women overcome stress-related disorders by using systematic breathing, yoga, and relaxation techniques

Vocational Training in Cameroon

Goals for Vocational Training in Jewelry & Beaded-Bag Making, Small Business Finance, Marketing, & Sales:

  • Enroll 50–100 women in our jewelry production training, entrepreneurial and marketing classes, and business finance courses
  • Give women the confidence and practical skills to create, start, fund, and run a small business
  • Guide 100% of Series 2 participants in jewelry production training towards earning additional income for themselves and their families

Help Empower Women

Join this monumental movement to build sustainable, global change through advancing women in rural communities.

Fundraising Stats

Help Empower

When women and girls are educated and empowered to make their own choices, we can begin to pursue a society in which women have equal rights and equal opportunities.

Goal: $100,000

90.4% Funded
$90,369 Raised
Days to Go
117 Donors

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Help Empower Women

Join this monumental movement to build sustainable, global change through advancing women in rural communities.