Born and raised in the interior of North India, Arun Kumar Mishra went to one of the humblest schools in the region, which did not even have the most basic amenities. Through his hard work he was able to attend a traditional Sanskrit school in Allahabad. However, this school, like so many traditional Sanskrit schools in North India, lacked a qualified teacher. When Mishra was told about the HI Scholarship Program by a past recipient, he immediately brought his request to the HI staff in Allahabad.

Upon realizing the potentials of this bright young student, the Himalayan Institute offered a full scholarship for master’s level education in Varanasi, the center of traditional learning.

The HI India Scholarship Program provides educational support to rural students who demonstrate the capacity for being agents of local change, in order that they may pursue primary and advanced education.

With the help of the HI India Scholarship Program, Arun Kumar Mishra will now be able to pursue an advanced degree in Sanskrit studies in Varanasi.