Yoga and Sustainability

The Himalayan Institute community is committed to sustainability and continues to seek new ways to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce energy consumption, and enhance the environment. Here's a glance at our latest eco-friendly efforts. Solar thermal panels installed at the Honesdale campus heat 60% of the potable water and lo-flo toilets reduce water consumption by 60%. Residents [...]

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Staff Spotlight: Steve Odnoha

After working at the Himalayan Institute's newest campus in Khajuraho, India, for nearly six months, Steve Odnoha is back at the Humanitarian Projects headquarters in Honesdale, PA. Welcome back, Steve! What does Steve do?  Well, technically speaking, Steve is the technical projects manager for the Himalayan Institute's Humanitarian Projects. Steve's job is to determine what [...]

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Tree Planting Time at the Himalayan Institute

For years, the Himalayan Institute has been committed to planting trees around the world—and that goes for here in Honesdale as well. Keeping with our sustainable lifestyle, we planted young chestnut trees early last month on the west side of our Main Building. The 1954 building does not have central air-conditioning and relies on age-old methods, like shade trees, [...]

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Sustainability Initiatives in Honesdale

On May 6, 2011, staff and residents at the Himalayan Institute headquarters in Honesdale, PA, participated in a day-long workshop focused on improving sustainability on campus. Since then, a lot has been accomplished at the Honesdale campus. Here’s a rundown on all that has been achieved in the last six months: The solar-thermal hot water [...]

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Spring Cleaning

Spring marks the time of year when we set aside a moment for cleaning our homes, improving our surroundings, and renewing our environments. Last Saturday, a team of Himalayan Institute residents did their part during the annual adopt-a-highway clean up along a 2-mile stretch of highway outside of HI headquarters in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. From these [...]

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Sustainable Solar Thermal Energy

The Himalayan Institute is proud to announce the installation of the largest solar thermal hot water system in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Last spring, the Himalayan Institute received a grant from the state of Pennsylvania for $51,000 to cover half the cost of a solar thermal system. A team of Institute members with backgrounds in architecture [...]

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