Meet a corporate sponsor

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to one of our corporate sponsors and tell you a little about our upcoming work together.

Dave Bauer and our friends at Sustainable Earth Solutions (SES) joined our VIDA team in Buffalo last month. The SES team has been fundraising tirelessly for Himalayan Institute’s Humanitarian Projects, and decided our VIDA project was the perfect match for its outreach. Thanks to SES’s sponsorship, 380 more people will be able to participate in the VIDA training and gardening program. A special thanks goes out to SES Founder Dave Bauer and the entire team at SES for their fruitful activism.

Meet Kyla Jaquish

Kyla is inspiring to all of us. She is an energetic young women who is passionate about nutritional health and organic farming.Kyla is part of the Sustainable Earth Solutions (SES) team, based out of Buffalo, NY. They met up with our Humanitarian Projects Team at a benefit dinner for VIDA, and enthused by the event, Kyla has decided to host her own VIDA benefit dinner.

Kyla is fundraising for VIDA to enable the SES team to go to Mexico to provide supplemental training on-site in coordination with our Mexican managers who are educating our beneficiary families.