Thank you for an amazing 2013

Thank you for an amazing 2013

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It has been an incredible year for the Himalayan Institute and we couldn’t have done it without you. We’ve made this video to capture some of the highlights, presented by our Director Of Strategic Development, Ishan Tigunait while at our new campus in Khajuraho, India.

New Campus in Khajuraho & Kumbha Mela Pilgrimage: The year began with the Kumbha Mela pilgrimage, a spiritual journey to the banks of the Ganges, lead by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait. We hosted three groups totaling over 500 people. Our guests stayed at our Allahabad campus (on the Ganges) and at our new, stunningly beautiful campus in Khajuraho. We look forward to hosting small retreat and study groups on this wonderful campus in the near future. Stay tuned for more information.

Himalayan Flood Disaster Relief: When tragedy struck the Himalayas in June, over 500,000 people were affected. Thousands of homes and structures, along with roads and bridges were washed away.  The devastation caused by the flooding stranding 100,000 villagers and the pilgrims visiting this area from around India and from around the world. It is believed that over 10,000 people have perished in this tragedy.  Himalayan Institute members raised over $20,000 to help support the victims of this natural disaster.

Healthy VIDA: Fighting Dietary Disease in Mexico: In Mexico, a staggering 70% of adults are either overweight or obese, the highest rate on the planet. Today as many as 30% of households suffer under the double burden of malnutrition and being overweight. In 2013 we launched the VIDA project to help fight dietary disease in rural Mexico. With your help we raised over $13,000 which allowed our agricultural center and nutritional counselors to work with hundred of at risk families.

Total Health Revolution In Cameroon:  We launched a grassroots campaign to increase health knowledge and improve long-term health outcomes. This public health program in the Northwest region reached over 80,000 people through radio, community classes and one-on-one instruction with healthcare trainers. The curriculum included basic public health and basic first aid, diet and nutrition, maternal and child health and specific topics related to the unique illnesses, stresses and challenges faced by the Cameroon people.

Our School of Carpentry and Construction: This program continued to grow and expand its offerings, now featuring a commercial production center that meets the furniture needs of businesses and homes. The school partnered with local mechanics to design and build equipment for the center, which we proudly declare 100% Made in Cameroon. The training courses at the school ensure ongoing vocational training and skill refinement while providing quality furniture, which reduces the reliance on imports and thus expands the local economy.

One Book and One Buck: Our Public Library in Cameroon continues to make an impact in the region. Being the first of its kind, it served over 32,000 people in 2013. Our One Book One Buck campaign in the US collected over 10,000 books and the $16,000 needed to ship those books to Cameroon. We plan to expand the library in 2014 with three satellite locations.