Our HI Cameroon Clean Water Projects in Action: Transforming Lives and Empowering Communities One Drop at a Time

Our HI Cameroon Clean Water Projects in Action: Transforming Lives and Empowering Communities One Drop at a Time

A community member visits one of the new water-distribution fountains recently constructed by our HI Cameroon team.

The Time to Act is Now

The ecosystem of our planet is at a grave and critical juncture. The threat of a major climate shift is no longer a looming, possible threat of what might take place in the far-off future. More accurately, it is an imminent one—one that is happening right now. As water sources continue to dry up and millions of people all over the world struggle to access clean, safe water at an exponentially higher rate than ever before, the urgent need for immediate as well as long-term, sustainable water solutions is indisputable.

Keeping this escalating water crisis at the forefront of the Himalayan Institute’s humanitarian focus and efforts for 2023, our team in North West Cameroon has undertaken several Clean Water Projects in the various communities we serve. We’re excited to share their most recent progress updates!



  • Serving 8,000 individuals
  • Restoration of collection chamber
  • Restoration of catchment area
  • Construction of 5,000-liter water storage tank


  • Serving 6,000 individuals
  • Construction of 10 new casting rings
  • Expansion of well capacity from 9 to 14 meters
  • Construction of a new community fountain


  • Serving 3,500 individuals
  • Construction of collection chamber & catchment area
  • Construction of 3,000-liter reservoir
  • Construction of 2 new community fountains

Banka Community Clean Water Project

With a goal of ensuring a reliable and sustainable supply of clean water for approximately 8,000 individuals, our HI Cameroon (HIC) team along with local community members has begun restoration of an existing water collection chamber and the surrounding catchment area. Additionally, construction of a new 5000-liter (1351-gallon) capacity tank is being added in the community to help safely store the water that is collected.

Mbonso Community Clean Water Project

In another of the rural communities where we work, Mbonso, the population of 6,000 has been similarly contending with severe water-related challenges. As part of the Mbonso Community Clean Water Project, our HIC team is currently constructing ten new casting rings that will be added to the existing community well. This will increase the depth of the well from 9 meters to 14 meters and therefore significantly expand its capacity. A newly built community, water-distribution fountain will also be strategically located to further facilitate ease of access to clean water for all residents of Mbonso and its neighboring villages.

Koko Community Clean Water Project

Following the same approach to rehabilitate and improve existing water infrastructure, the Koko Community Clean Water Project is focusing on the construction of a catchment area, collection chamber, and reservoir with a capacity of 3000 liters (810 gallons) that will support approximately 3,500 people who reside in the area. Koko residents will also benefit from the establishment of two new community fountains.

Our Clean Water Projects in the Banka, Mbonso, and Koko communities demonstrate the Himalayan Institute’s commitment to putting yoga into action and making a substantial difference in people’s lives. By providing clean water to over 17,000 residents in North West Cameroon, we’re striving to alleviate the burden of water scarcity and subsequently, improve overall health and well-being. In doing so, our greater mission of inspiring, educating and empowering all who seek to experience their full potential continues to gain momentum. As we continue this journey of empowerment, we remain steadfast and dedicated to ensuring access to clean water for all, one project and one drop at a time.

Clean water sustains life.

The Himalayan Institute’s humanitarian initiatives in Cameroon and India depend upon the love and support of our donors. The progress and development we have seen over the years could not have been possible without you, and for this we are truly grateful. Together, we are creating peaceful, flourishing communities throughout Cameroon and India.

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