2024 Food Security and Nutritional Wellness Fund: Feed the Future

2024 Food Security and Nutritional Wellness Fund: Feed the Future

The Time to Feed the Future is Now

Each year, in addition to our ongoing global humanitarian projects, the HI Humanitarian team chooses a specific initiative to highlight and focus its fundraising efforts toward. Escalating global conflict and worsening climate change have created a perfect storm, disrupting food supply chains worldwide and leaving vulnerable populations in Africa to face food security challenges like never before. With this crisis in the forefront of our minds and hearts, and with over 15 years of cultivating strong and impactful community collaborations in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, our HIC Team is effectively positioned to respond and address this urgent issue now.

Our vision for the 2024 Food Security and Nutritional Wellness Fund is clear: to provide immediate as well as long-term relief and support to thousands in North West Cameroon by accomplishing three crucial goals.

Grow 23,000 lbs of Food Locally

Partnering with Cameroon farmers to bolster crop quality and productivity

Provide 10,000 Meals to Children at School

Nourishing the minds, bodies and spirits of Cameroon children with an entire school year of daily meals

Mentor 5,000 Families in Personal Wellness

Educating families about the importance of nutrition and preventative health

Through farming partnerships focused on direct sourcing, we’ll assist with the growth of 23,000 lbs of food locally by teaming up with well-vetted, Cameroonian farmers to enhance crop quality and productivity. Simultaneously, we’ll be providing 10,000 locally-grown meals to schoolchildren—nourishing their minds, bodies and spirits for an entire school year. But we won’t stop there. Through the third component of our three-part objective, we’ll help further build and invest in the future by mentoring 5,000 families in personal wellness, educating them about the vital importance of diet, nutrition and preventive health best practices.

A Legacy of Resolve and Resilience

Over the years, our education, healthcare, and community-centered initiatives have not only significantly improved the lives of thousands but also revealed the incredible resolve and resilience of the individuals with whom we work. As we face the complexity of this newest challenge arising from the intersection of conflict, climate change, and food insecurity, we’re confident our HI Cameroon Team and the communities with which they collaborate are aptly prepared and motivated to leverage this legacy, as they not only address the immediate needs of these times but also continue to establish more sustainable, long-term solutions. Uplifted by your generous and invaluable contribution, we’re confident we’ll not simply achieve our objectives for 2024, but far surpass them. Together, we can more swiftly and impactfully feed the future.

Thank You

The Himalayan Institute’s humanitarian initiatives in Cameroon and India depend upon the love and support of our donors. The progress and development we have seen over the years could not have been possible without you, and for this we are truly grateful. Together, we are creating peaceful, flourishing communities throughout Cameroon and India.

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