The Khajuraho Sadhana Immersion has Begun

The Khajuraho Sadhana Immersion has Begun

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Three years ago, we started a practice to consecrate the Sri Vidya Shrine on our Himalayan Institute Khajuraho campus. This practice was undertook to embed the entire area with vibrant, living energy that carries the essence of love, compassion, inner peace, and the guidance of the Himalayan Sages. These next few months of the Khajuraho Sadhana Immersion mark the final days of this practice as our Himalayan Institute (HI) guests arrive to help finish this important work. What the guests are finding is a campus blossoming with new life, energy, and people.

The new pavilion, which was completed only a few days before the first guests arrived on September 30, is currently being used for lectures, hatha classes, dining, and studying with teachers like Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Rolf Sovik, and Rod Stryker. Thus far, the common experience of this wonderful pilgrimage has been imbued with the deep love and inner peace that permeates this entire area.

This is the new outdoor pavilion we built this summer for Khajuraho Sadhana Immersion (KSI). It’s a multipurpose space for lecture, practicums, hatha classes, dining and just relaxing and studying. We worked hard all summer to get it done, and finished it just a few days before everyone arrived on Sept 30th! Our electrician used a homemade bamboo ladder 25’ tall to install the the fans!

The first wedding ever hosted at HI Khajuraho was on October 6th for long time HI members David and Rhonda Larson. Everyone had a great time.

We held an outdoor practicum on making Triphala Oil in a traditional manner, boiling the triphala and a special additional herb, Bhringraj, for brain health, in a large cauldron for hours to infuse the virgin sesame oil with the healing properties of these herbs.

We are looking forward to welcoming our other groups of the HI Khajuraho Sadhana Immersion and future guests who come and join us as we dine, laugh, play, study, and learn in the light of the Tradition of the Himalayan Sages.

homemade ladder -2-

Getting the new Pavillion ready.

prt on opening night

Guests gather for the opening night lecture and orientation.

ksi opening night orientation

First HI Khajuraho Wedding.


Making Triphala Oil.

campus view from siddha baba hill -2-

An aerial shot of the campus from nearby Siddha Baba Hill. It’s a great birds eye view of the whole campus.