Leadership and Women’s Empowerment

Leadership and Women’s Empowerment

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The theme of July is leadership and we chose to celebrate women in Cameroon for the impact they are having on their community!  

Photo By: DJ Pierce

Photo By: DJ Pierce

Women’s Empowerment

In Cameroon, women are most often the primary managers of family needs and household finances and yet only 38% of girls are enrolled in school, with the majority living on less that $1.50 (American equivalent) per day. The importance of investing in the women of these regions is paramount to the work we do, knowing that their success will be passed on through their family to future generations. Our objective is to strengthen the region as a whole and create a broader opportunity for economic development, ultimately working to eradicate poverty. This is where we find the need for humanitarian intervention crucial to our empowerment initiatives.  

In 2007, Sacred Link Jewelry Vocational Training Program, a program created to provide job skills training to women, was introduced.  Due to the success of this program, we expanded in 2017 by adding the Women & Family Enrichment Program (WFEP) which delivers educational workshops on women’s health, family hygiene, and household budget management, as well as specific instruction on how to start and manage an independent business enterprise. The program also offers continuing education classes that introduce graduates to marketing strategies and effective business practices. In its first year, our team provided 1,280 hours of class time to nearly 100 women!

Leading with the belief that women empower women, this program is mostly represented by female educators. Our WFEP director, Pascaline, is quoted as saying: “I feel inspired and happy to see women excited about doing the bead crafting with love and passion, while some are already managing their independent handicraft business enterprise. That’s why HIC wants to reach out to as many women’s groups as possible; many are still longing to be empowered.” The importance of this program cannot be overemphasizedboth the educational value delivered, as well as the impact on the communities for future generations to come, gives hope to the women we serve. To date, between 50 and 100 rural households are impacted each month.

Witnessing the need and the eagerness of the people to learn has made it easy to invest in the women of these regions. They are gaining ground, gaining a sense of empowerment, and they are also taking on larger leadership roles within communities.

Supporting Progress

The progress and development we have seen over the years could not have been possible without you and for this we are truly grateful. Know that through your support, you are directly impacting the lives of many girls and women.  

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One of our graduates (left) from the Sacred Link Jewelry design program who is eager to create her own small business.

This is part of the WFEP on crafts; beaded bag training completion.

In our WFEP Workshops women are guided in: Women’s Health, Family Hygiene, and Household Budget Management. Since they are the primary managers of family needs and household finances, these simple services have a wide-ranging impact.

A general workshop presentationusually followed by a practical class on craft design.

Graduates of the program choosing to follow the vocational training at HIC after the workshop practicum.

Photo By: DJ Pierce