Giving Tuesday—Q&A with Our Female Leadership

Giving Tuesday—Q&A with Our Female Leadership

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement that calls attention to the power of individuals to transform their communities and the world. Today, in the spirit of Giving Tuesday, we are introducing two members of our health team in Cameroon, who are on the ground creating lasting change within their communities every single day. 

Eucharia Kuoh, Manager of our Public Health Initiatives

Pascaline Berri, Programs Manager at the Himalayan Institute Cameroon

Q: How has working at the Himalayan Institute Cameroon (HIC) impacted your life? 

Eucharia: The trainings that I’ve gone through have helped me to develop skills in Public Health. My health knowledge has greatly improved and I am able to make better health choices. I am able to avoid many preventable diseases, and my knowledge of Public Health has been extended to family and friends. I’ve developed a passion for what I do.

Pascaline: HIC has been a powerful knowledge base to me and other staff. It has significantly transformed my life and that of thousands of individuals, institutions, and communities as well as helped me to develop skills in Public Health and leadership. [In my personal life,] I’m able to support good health for my family.

Q: How are our public health initiatives impacting people’s lives?

Eucharia: The fact that we meet people in their own communities has made health products and services very accessible. With this initiative, a wider range of people, organizations, and institutions benefit from us. So many lives have changed from our products and services. People are living a healthier life now. They have a broader knowledge of preventive health care.

Pascaline: We are teaching skills to individuals, institutions, and groups that will support them throughout their lives. We’re encouraging productivity and health in our communities. HIC has been a source of hope to people in times of crisis, being there for them and teaching them healthy ways of living and being productive through hard times.

Q: What inspires you the most about your work?

Eucharia: The success stories from the people we serve—people getting well from chronic illnesses after consuming our health products, the positive feedback at the end of a health class. These are big motivators for me to keep delivering the health classes. The positive feedback from our communities inspires me.

Pascaline: I feel proud and honored to see that people who had lost hope are able to smile again. Health is the key, and our uniqueness as an institution in identifying and reaching out to people in areas that affect their lives the most makes this work [so inspiring]. I have job satisfaction in my areas of work at HIC—especially working with a wonderful team.

We call you to action now to support our incredible team in Cameroon, and to join us on this global day of giving! Visit our campaign and donate now.