Himalayan Institute Cameroon (HIC) is buzzing with the sounds of preparation for our public opening on August 4. From that day forward, the Kumbo public will be welcome on campus six days a week. Local artisans and HIC staff have been working around the clock to build shelves, wire light fixtures, patch cement, and paint signs anywhere that visitors will be present. Almost overnight, a Total Health Center, the first outside the US, is springing forth from abandoned rooms with unfinished walls.

On August 4, the Total Health Program will join Sacred Link Jewelry as a fully operational, self-sufficient enterprise. At the center, graduates of the Total Health Program provide consultations on healthy living and suggest herbal and homeopathic remedies to treat specific ailments. The indicated medicines are then available for purchase at the adjoining pharmacy. It is anticipated that additional Total Health Center franchises will be opened in the region in the future. A graduate of the Total Health Program expressed her excitement: “Soon we can finally put to a good use all that we have learned at the Himalayan Institute. We will be able to provide for our families, at the same time servicing our community.”

Humanitarian trAID Bazaar

Next door to the Total Health Center, the Humanitarian trAID Bazaar is setting up for a mid-August launch. The bazaar will offer locally made, affordable Sacred Link Jewelry, paintings, handicrafts, honey soap made with Cameroonian white honey, and various Himalayan Institute products. It will also serve as a production site for Sacred Link Jewelry technicians. In the midst of their product development for the Kumbo line—this brand combines African arrangements with Chinese materials, enabling both low retail prices and high profit margins for local talent—the Sacred Link Jewelry team successfully transplanted their supply store into the bazaar. The new arrangement frees our Main Hall, an auditorium-sized room with a stage, for public gatherings and lectures.

Aside from browsing and having health consultations, visitors are welcome to view our Energy Farming demonstration plots alongside the main building. Here, herbs such as artemisia, brahmi, ashwagandha, and tulsi are thriving.