While the rest of the Himalayan Institute Cameroon team was in Kumbo running the public open house, School of Energy Farming consultant Luke Demuth was inaugurating the Himalayan Institute campus in Kishong Village with its first educational seminar.

Over 60 local farmers attended to learn about the power of composting to improve soil fertility. They were encouraged to take advantage of the heavy cattle industry in the area as a source of manure.

Whether they have day jobs or not, nearly every family in rural Cameroon has its own plot of farmland. As one Kishong trader commented, “Farming is one of the most important programs here. It is often said that if you don’t have a hoe and a cutlass to go to the bush to clear and till, you will not live.” Responses like these are indicative of the enthusiasm with which the Energy Farming program has been received in both Kishong and Kumbo.