Besides working hard on environmental initiatives, microbusinesses, and health and educational projects, Himalayan Institute Cameroon is also in the business of having fun! The energy farming land in Kishong Village is located at the end of a residential street. The village is filled with young children who can be found helping around their homes, tending animals, and playing in the streets, wherever you look.

Whenever staff members come out to the energy farming site to work on the farm, flocks of children follow along to see what is happening. In the past they have been happy to play tag in the fields or kick balls around in the street, but Himalayan Institute Cameroon staff members spotted an opportunity to do something fun for their young neighbors.

Inspired by a design found on the Internet, the School of Carpentry & Construction team built a 30-foot-long swing set as a place for the local kids to play that would be safe and just for them.

All pieces for the swing set were cut from local eucalyptus wood, trimmed and prefitted at the School of Carpentry & Construction, in Tobin. It was then transported to Kishong where a team of four assembled the whole thing in six hours.

The completed swing set was unveiled and declared open for play on November 6, 2010, during the Eco-Service Excursion.