Kim Krans and The Wild Unknown

Kim Krans and The Wild Unknown

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Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown recently visited our project in Cameroon. Check out the video of their journey to catch a glimpse of what they saw.

Our Appreciation Towards Kim

We would like to extend our appreciation to Kim Krans and The Wild Unknown! Kim is an artist, musician, and aspiring yogi who has not let any part of this world remain unfamiliar to her personal experience. Through exploration of different career paths, she has currently found her place promoting inner exploration and yoga by creating children’s books, artwork, and the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck via her online website The Wild Unknown.

In 2014, The Wild Unknown selflessly raised and donated twenty-thousand dollars to projects for health and education in Cameroon, Africa. This past July of 2015, Kim and her husband joined us on an excursion to Kumbo to see just how their donations were being brought to life. After the infamous 15 hour bus ride, they experienced the tangible an uplifting changes in the people and in the community. They fell so much in love with the service projects currently going on that she has graciously decided to continue helping. This next month, she is donating a portion of her “Good Karma Sale” profits directly to our One Tribe Movement in support of the changes that have also changed a part of her.  Shop The Wild Unknown here to support this cause!

After visiting The Wild Unknown website it is hard to miss the powerful message she pours out as she confidently shows the world, “You’re not alone in anything.” She is now determined to make sure Cameroon understands her message. We would like to extend our appreciation once again to Kim, her husband, and The Wild Unknown for all the help they have been providing.